Kailash Yoga Studio


At the heart of the teaching is Yoga Master Lyndon Mason whose ‘alphabet’ approach takes the human body on an journey allowing each individual to find out exactly ‘how you are.’

Lyndon’s philosophy:

“ It’s a gift you give yourself that sets you right for the entire day-week-year- for your entire life. Your body takes on the flexibility of bamboo.”

Lyndon tells his students that if they practice enough they will likely retain the flexibility of youth through the later years. Lyndon's own astounding ability is proof of that. He is the man with the bamboo spine and he aims to show you how to get  there as well.

Lyndon's voice is soft but the routine he teaches is absolutely clear and without ambiguity. He doesn't spend much time talking theory - each session is all about the practice. The typical hour is filled with 53 postures in an ingenious sequence that was developed a long time ago and is now preserved and taught at Kailash Yoga Studio.

Students of all ages, from beginners to advanced are drawn to Lyndon. You might liken it to an yoga addiction. In fact many of Lyndon's students have become yoga instructors. Often the class includes those advanced instructors who want to add the new and exciting elements that Lyndon has to offer to their teaching. 

Located on the Indian Ocean in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, 100 kilometers from Colombo, the rooftop studio provides an ideal location to learn and practice. You might say it keeps you right on top of it all. Everything needed for a stay from one to 100 days is readily available and at an affordable cost.

“Relax the Face

and You’ll Relax the Body”

Lyndon Mason & the Alphabet of Yoga


Images & Text ©2012 Lyndon Mason / Kailash Yoga Studio